About Amanda S. Brown

Dear Friends,

Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting!
Books have always been treasured friends and I couldn’t be happier than I am when bringing them to life – be it with my mind or my voice.

While I’ve always loved stories and books, my road to narration has been a circuitous one, starting eons ago with voice lessons I didn’t realize I wanted. They led to vocal scholarships and fabulous summers of stock musical theatre and operetta…

I dedicated myself to the arts of vocal technique and acting, coming ultimately to star in operas telling the world’s greatest stories, written by history’s most famous composers. I learned to control and modulate my voice with the exquisite physical precision of a professional athlete, a professional ballerina. I bring not only this precision but this artistry to the wonderful world of narration.

Come with me – let me immerse you in the incredible universe of audiobooks – of storytelling!

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