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a novel approach to narration.

I’m Amanda S. Brown.
Your words should meet my voice.

I dedicated myself to the arts of vocal technique and acting, coming ultimately to star in operas telling the world’s greatest stories, written by history’s most famous composers…

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General British accent, female-female dialogue
Southern American accent, female-male dialogue
Unaccented American, male-female dialogue

Words in Progress
(Books currently in production)

Written by: Dawn Brower, USA Today Bestselling Author
The Vixen in Red
Lady Pear’s Duke

Written by: Carrie Anne Noble, Winner of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award for Young Adult Fiction
Gretchen and the Bear

Written by: Jayne Bamber
Madness in Meryton: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

“You really have a world of voices at your command. I liked Col. Fitzwilliam and Caroline Bingley especially. Mrs. Bennet sounds just like I imagine her, and even the woman and driver on the coach were perfect. I’m so happy to be working with you.”

— Jan Hahn, author of A Peculiar Connection, winner of the Austen Prose Best Indie Book award